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Northwoods Creations

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          100% WHOLE WHEAT BREAD

What's in your bread you eat?  Are there things in the store bought bread you can't pronounce and have no clue what they are?  We are being cheated and short changed with "whole wheat bread" that contains preservatives, chemicals, fillers, and coloring to make it look like wheat bread.  It is lacking
the nutrients that naturally are in the wheat grain.
I bought some "whole wheat" hotdog buns for a family gathering in August 2016. Only 2 were used out of the package of 10 so I put the bag with the remaining buns on top of the refrigerator. Over the next few months I checked on them to see if they were moldy and there was none.  In January 2017  I checked them and they had turned to powder, and still no mold.  My first reaction was "what on earth was in these buns that they didn't mold in 5 months. My second reaction was, "I will never buy bread that has such chemicals in it."  And I haven't!  

In 1976, when we lived in Littleton, Colorado, I started a lifestyle that has stayed with me over all these years.  I began making 100% whole wheat bread, beginning with milling the wheat grain for the flour.  I bought a Bosch mixer, which will make 6 one-pound loaves of bread, and a stone ground mill from Magic Mill Company.  There were classes about whole grain cooking which I benefited immensely.  When we moved to Minnesota in 1979 I ground some wheat that was high in moisture content and it glazed the stones of my mill.  It was soon after that the steel mills came out with a micronizing technique and that is what I have used since then.  I presently have a new mill that I purchased last fall, the NutriMill.  It has the capacity to mill larger amounts of flour.  
I've sold my bread to the staff and residents at an assisted living facility in Brainerd.  One man, who had bought a loaf, approached me in the hall the next day, and asked if I was the "bread maker". I told him yes, and he proceeded to tell me he had a bakery in the area for 40 years and he had never tasted such delicious whole wheat bread or seen such a nice texture. He wanted to know my secret. I told him the flour is freshly milled from organic, non-GMO, Montana wheat grain right before making the dough, as well as I make a dough conditioner that improves the texture. It is called diastatic malt.
So, let me tell you about   LOIS' 100% WHOLE WHEAT BREAD.  I am marketing this wholesome, healthy bread that is made with freshly, milled, organic, chemical free, non-GMO Montana Hard Red Spring wheat flour.  It contains the entire grain, including the germ, the bran, and endosperm plus 27 nutrients that are in the grain naturally.  The wheat grain is milled in my kitchen within minutes of the flour going into the bread dough.  
My bread is all wheat flour, absolutely no "enriched" white flour in it, and no preservatives, fillers, chemicals, or colorings and nothing artificial.  These are the ingredients:  Organic, non-GMO 100% whole wheat flour, yeast, honey, salt, Vital Wheat Gluten,  diastatic malt that I make from sprouted wheat,  powdered milk, and prayer. This bread is available in  10 0z. ($2.50   1# 4 oz loaves, ($5.00)  This is what REAL whole wheat bread should be like.  TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!  

Yes, I listed prayer on the ingredient label of the bread.  I have prayed over the breads as I have made the loaves, not only prayed that they would not fall in my oven, but prayed for the recipient of it.  I would have no idea who would be buying it, but I prayed for whatever needs they may have and the nutrients in the bread would be beneficial to them. I saw a definite answer to that prayer one day as a friend of mine, who regularly purchased my bread, shared with me how it was such a blessing to her.  She had some extensive dental surgery done and couldn't eat anything but liquids.  She managed to eat my bread and it satisfied and sustained her until she could eat solid food. I told her that I pray over every loaf of bread and she got teary, and so did I.  That's when she told me I need to include prayer with the list of ingredients on the label, and so I have.    

                                                call to order  (218) 829-0405  or email (L)