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Northwoods Creations

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Just a thought.....

August  1,  2020........Oh my, this summer is going by so quickly.  I wish I could slow down the clock.   Our bread business keeps us busy and God keeps on blessing.  One of our white tents was destroyed by weather recently.  Heavy rain pooled up on the roof and the weight of it broke the frame.  We ordered one but it was slow in coming.  We had no choice but to just use one tent for our sales one Friday.  It was not a good situation at all. There just wasn't enough room for our tables and people too, which was causing close contact problem for social distancing.  Our delivery date on the new tent was scheduled for Friday, late in the day.  NOT GOOD!  That would mean we wouldn't have it to use again.  Thursday morning I prayed that it would come that day, which would be a day early.   I looked out the window about 10:30 a.m. and saw the UPS truck driving away and there was the box with the tent.  Seeing the answer to my prayer brought me to tears. God amazes me!  Again I was reminded that this is His business and He is in control.  

June 28, 2020.......In between customers on Friday I was standing in our yard, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature that we are  so blessed to have on our property.  There is a tall pine tree on the edge of the yard that I have watched for the past 9 years, since Skee and I have been married.  It has a problem and the location of it, which is at a steep drop off of the yard, makes it difficult to get to it and do anything about it.  You see, it has a vine growing on it, actually encompassing it from the bottom to the top.  It happens every spring, but it seems to be worse now.  It's difficult to see the pine tree anymore.  I pondered this problem, and wondered what it must feel like to have this vine growing and consuming this pine tree.  Does it feel like it is being choked out, or does it feel a closeness to this vine, like a close friend?  I feel like something should be done about it to stop the growth of this vine but my husband says it would be difficult to cut it at the roots because of the location on the bank.  It would be risking life and limb to get to it. 

As I noticed the nearby trees, I saw an oak tree is being "attacked" by the vine, as well.  Oh, no, it is spreading on to other trees.  Is it in time going to strangle all the trees in this area of the yard, but they all are in this same risky place to get to it to help?  

     Then a spiritual application came to my mind,  or an "object lesson" as I like to call it.  Isn't this just like how in life there are things that choke out peace and joy in our lives, and affects our relationship with God?  We allow every day pressures, financial worries, health worries, busyness of the day, even the desire for material gain and things, have the same affect on us as this vine on the pine tree.  And, just as the vine is spreading to other nearby trees, our peace is not only affected, but also it spreads to our family members.  Our spouse and children begin to feel it, as well.  We should take charge of  any influence that destroys our peace, our peace with God.   Jesus said, in Luke 14:27 "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful."  

    Hebrews 12:1,2  "Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the thrown of God."

May 23, 2020......Ephesians 3:20a..."Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think".  That verse sums up what has been happening with our bread business the past 2 weeks.  We were selling twice a week on a much smaller scale, but we were satisfied with the results.  Then the article in the Brainerd Dispatch happened, and it's a whole different world in the business now.  It so happened Steve Kohls, a photographer from the Dispatch was driving by on a bread sale day and saw our signs, our tents, and cars in the driveway. He drove in to find out what was happening. We chatted and I told him about our bread business. He wanted to come on my next baking day and interview me.  He video taped the whole process from milling the wheat, to the finished product coming out of the oven.  The article came out in the Dispatch on the following Wed. right before our Friday sale.  I couldn't have imagined the response from customers. Everyone was talking about the newspaper article.  Bread sales have climbed every day since, so much so I have had to cancel our Tues. sales. There isn't enough time to bake for 2 days.  I wouldn't have enough to last past 9:00 a.m. and everyone had to be told I was "sold out".  We are only selling breads on Friday now, and I have many pre-orders. People are realizing if they want to be guaranteed product, that's what they have to do. Skee, my husband, and I are just amazed at how God has turned something that was very small scale into something that's almost more than we can handle, but with His help we can do it.  

     "Why now" we ask ourselves.  The virus has changed the way we live these days, and people are giving some serious thought to what they are eating.  I hear many people say, "I want to eat healthy, now more than ever."  We are thrilled to be able to provide our healthy breads, knowing that the nutrients in them will be nourishing and a blessing for the recipients.  There is a verse in the bible, Esther 4:14, that talks about "such a time as this" and that is what we are feeling. 

     The article was in the May 6th issue of the Brainerd Dispatch. You can read it on-line if you missed it.

April  8, 2020...….Our curb-side-drive-through-self- serve bread sales have been going good.  We haven't seen many of our regular customers, but lots of drive- by folks have been coming in and buying.  We have our white Farmers Market tent up in the driveway and signs that invite people in.  How can you resist a sign that says "fresh bread"? We aren't out at the booth, even though we are healthy, we stay inside.  We want you to serve yourself and pay in the "honor" box.  We appreciate your business very much.  We've added some fresh, warm caramel rolls to the inventory and they have been a big hit.  

    I love praise and worship music.  We wake up to it in the morning, it's always on in the car when we are out and about, and I have it on the radio when I am baking.  (The Pulse  104.3)   We probably aren't your average "oldsters" because we like the contemporary Christian music that appeals to the "younger ones" today.  This is some of the lyrics of a song that touched me today: 

             "Every anxious thought that steals my breath, is a heavy weight that's on my chest.   

             As I lie awake and wonder what the future will hold,

             Help me to remember that you're in control.

             You're my courage when I worry  in the dead of night,

             You are greater than the battle raging in my mind.

             I will trust you, LORD, I will fear no more.



April 1, 2020...…..I was just reading again what I posted in January.  Oh my,  how much has changed in these last few months since I wrote that.  We are living in  very uncertain and stressful times, and yes, fearful.  What I wrote in January is so much more pertinent today, April 1st.  It's a time when we need to trust God more than any other times in our lives.  We don't know what tomorrow will bring.  The news is not helping our emotional state.  

   There are positive things happening even in the midst of the chaos going on around us and during our "hunkering down" at home.  The family time together is becoming a good experience.  There is TIME now for things that we pushed out of our busy lifestyles.  There is evidence of compassion and kindness happening in every day life all over this nation.  

    Peoples hearts are turning toward God now like never before.  Prayer is becoming important as we pray for our nations leaders, medical workers, and those who have been touched by the virus, or lost loved ones.  This is a time to evaluate your relationship with God.  Has He just been "the man upstairs" who you may contact when you are in some sort of crisis, or do you know Him in a personal way?  Had I not had the LORD in my life,  the challenges I've had in the past would have been so much more difficult.  Today is the same.  I can trust Him to get us through this pandemic.  My life is in His hands. 

   " Fear not; (there is nothing to fear) for I am with you; do not look around in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you (to difficulties); yes, I will help you;  I will hold you up and retain you with My victorious right hand of rightness ad justice."  Isaiah 41:10   The Amplified  Bible


January 4, 2020......It looks very strange to see that, and it will take getting used to writing it, as well.  These are some good verses as we go into a new year, from Proverbs 3:5,6,  "Lean on, trust and be confident in the LORD with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.  In all your ways know, recognize and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths." Amplified  Bible.

I chatted with a bread customer on Friday this week about trusting God.  She and her husband are flying to Florida this coming Tues. to spend most of the winter there.  She said it makes her nervous to fly, but she just has to trust the pilots to get them to their destination.  We chatted how we can relate that to trusting God with everything in our lives from day to day.  We have to hand over our concerns and cares to Him.  Whatever challenges we face going  into this new year,  we know we can trust Him and His faithfulness to care for our every need.  Amen!

October 1, 2019...….. Ephesians 3:20, 21a   "Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to HIM be the glory"....   

  That scripture verse sums up our Farmers Market season of 2019.  My husband and I had no idea how successful our bread sales  would be or how we would be able to handle 4 Markets a week.  It was very tiring as I baked almost every day of the week.  Thank God for keeping all my equipment in running order, my mills, my Bosch mixers, and my ovens.  They got a work out!  

   We've met some wonderful people who have become our faithful customers. We really appreciate you.  We have heard nothing but positive comments about our bread and products, from a mom and her kids who sat down and ate 1/2 loaf of  bread at one sitting with nothing on it, to a man who ate only white bread all his life when his wife brought home our bread which he secretly tried it and was converted,  to people with gut issues who can eat our bread with no problems (because it is chemical free)  The flavor of our breads is something people are amazed at and enjoy.  Of course I use the fresh milled wheat in every loaf of bread, plus I pray over it, as well.  That's the difference!

    So we are winding down with the final Farmers Markets.  The change of pace will be an adjustment for us.  There have been so many customers who are enjoying our breads and have asked how they can get them in the winter months, so we have arranged to have space in the WESTGATE MALL starting OCTOBER 11th, and having it available every FRIDAY.  That will be interesting because we have no idea how much bread to plan for, plus  we remember last winter sales were not so good there.  I think God sent some customers today at the Farmers Market to encourage us and remind us that this is His bread business and He is in control.  We can trust Him  to provide the customers just as He has done this summer. 


August 21, 2019...….Oh my, time is literally flying as we are coming close to the end of August.   We are presently doing 4 Farmers Markets since we added Ideal Corners, which is near Crosslake and Pequot Lakes. Actually on County Rd 16, halfway between both of those towns.  We decided to try it after much persuasion from friends who live in that area.  Sales have been a bit slow, compared to the Brainerd Farmers Markets we are involved in but we also know we are new and it takes time to get established.  The second week was better and we were asked by many people if we were going to keep coming. More people were interested in our healthy products and amazed they could buy bread made with chemical free, non-gmo fresh whole wheat flour that was milled within minutes of going into the dough. We are glad we can have our healthy products available to people.

   Tuesdays are very busy for us since we do 2 Farmers Markets in Brainerd, back to back.  We have about a hour before we need to set up for the afternoon Market downtown on Laurel  St. from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.  Sometimes we don't have much inventory to offer but amazingly, there is enough left from the morning Market.  Again, so many people are asking us if we will continue to come so they can get our wonderful breads. 

    Yesterday, a lady bought bread and proceeded to go to the VFW to eat, and carried her loaf of bread in there with her.  She told one of the cooks about it, and shortly that lady came out to our booth and bought bread. This is a common practice with our customers.  They  tell others about our breads.….their friends, their family, work associates, and those people come and buy.  They tell us how someone shared with them, even sharing the bread with them, and they had to get some for themselves. It came to my mind yesterday, as I saw example of this many times as people shared with us, what if we shared our faith like that with people.  So many times we fail in that area.  The phrase "go and tell" comes to mind and it is a command to us in the Bible.  The scripture verse on the labels of my products is from John 6:35, where Jesus said "I am the bread of life, if anyone comes to me, he will never hunger".  The comparison to my bread is that with Him in your life, He satisfies and sustains, just as the physical benefits are available in the breads.  More people need to know about the life-changing relationship available with Jesus.  Their lives will never be the same.  That's something worth sharing!     

July 10, 2019...…..The summer is passing by right before our eyes.  We have waited for it after experiencing the long, winter and just want to slow down the clock a bit.  We are enjoying the Farmers Markets very much and keeping busy with the baking every week.  God's favor on us and this business is amazing to us.  It's more than we could have imagined sometimes.  I wish I could post some of the "testimonies" from people who are enjoying our breads and products, many for the first time and they can't help coming back for more each week.  A lady recently bought our bread for the first time, went home, she and her children ate half of a loaf  at one sitting WITH NOTHING ON IT, no butter, peanut butter, jam, honey.....NOTHING!   She was back for more the next week. That's how you get the real, full flavor of this bread.  There is nothing like it!  

July 4th,  2019...….It can't be so.  I haven't added anything to this page since February.  Shame on me!  People could think I have had no thoughts in my head since that time, but oh, I have, just haven't taken the time to put them into words.  The bread business is going great and the 2019 Farmers Markets are well underway, with us doing 3 a week.  We have so many satisfied, repeat customers and we add more new products all the time, as we have room on our tables.

    Thoughts as I was baking on Tues. this week:  The windows were open in the kitchen and the aroma of bread baking could have been noticeable a block away.  A friend pulled in our driveway a few days ago and he said he could smell bread as soon as he pulled in.  We have had a wild turkey visiting us in the yard this year and she was here on Tues. all day, near the house.  Was it that she was enjoying the aroma of the bread baking, or the Christian music coming from the radio in the kitchen, that kept her in close proximity all day?  Who knows, but I like to think that was the case.  The atmosphere in my kitchen is marvelous on baking days, not only the fresh bread baking and filling the house with that delicious aroma, but it's almost a spiritual experience. I have Christian music playing, and of course I am in tune with the LORD as I pray over the bread, each loaf.  I also pray that it will turn out and not fall, as it does many times.  Why it does that I sure don't know, but one batch will, and the next batch is perfect.  People still buy it anyway.  God just continues to bless and show His favor on this bread business.  We hear story after story of people enjoying it and benefiting from the wonderful nutrients.     

February 20, 2019...…..What a winter this has been!  Snow, snow, and more snow!   It has affected our bread business in Westgate Mall.  Bitter cold and blizzards kind of keeps people snuggled up in their homes, and going out to buy bread just isn't high on their list of priorities on days like that.  We don't blame them.  We live just minutes from the Mall otherwise we wouldn't be there if we had some distance to drive.  It seems like a lot of our sales are from the "walkers" in the Mall and we are grateful for their interest in our products.  God continues to bless this business, even though some days the profits are rather low.  We enjoy talking to people and it seems there are always people who God brings across our path who have needs and can be encouraged with a word or act of kindness.  I have a prayer list that involves those needs that they have shared with us.  Again, I have to remind myself

that this business isn't about selling bread totally.  It is about people and being a blessing to them.   

February 1, 2019...…..Oh my, where has the time gone!   I can't believe it!   God has been good and continues to bless our bread business.  We see more people trying our breads for the first time, and they are so impressed, they come back for more.   They are happy to find  a natural product, free of chemicals and healthy.  I love it when I hear stories from people who enjoy our breads and are benefiting from them.  One lady shared  how her husband hated "dark bread" of any sort and wouldn't eat it ever.  She bought some of our bread and she was eating it, then her husband decided to try it.  It was the best bread he had ever eaten and he is hooked on it now and he wants nothing else.   I love it!  I've seen my prayers answered regarding the needs of people purchasing  our breads.  A friend, who had some serious dental treatment done, and wasn't able to eat anything but liquids, purchased our bread. She told me later it was a life saver to her. She was able to eat it as it dissolved in her mouth and it sustained her during the healing period.  She got teary when I told her I pray over every loaf of bread and pray for the needs of the individual who will buy it. Her husband told me I needed to add prayer to the list of ingredients  on the label, and so I have.  

November 8, 2018...….It has been a month since we started selling our breads in Westgate Mall.  Looking back, it has been an interesting month indeed and Skee and I are enjoying this experience.  Sales haven't exactly been what we hoped for, but every week we are meeting new people, and they are trying our products for the first time.  They are coming back for more and sharing positive comments with us about it.  People.....that's what it's about and they are more important than bread sales.  We are becoming a regular "event" every Tues. and people, especially those who walk in the Mall, are becoming more familiar with us and our products.  There are those who have obvious physical needs and as we chat with them, they share with us some of their issues and we can pray for them.  I pray over every loaf of bread as I make it, not ever knowing who is going to purchase it or what needs they may have.  I know the nutrients in this bread are beneficial to physical needs.  So, we continue on each week, trusting God for sales and watching Him work. 

October 2, 2018...….Our "wake up" music CD every morning includes this song, which is exactly the words from Philippians 4: 6,7 "Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus."  Many times in our lives things don't work out as we had planned and it causes a stressful event.  I'm referring to our bread sales for the fall/winter season in Westgate Mall.  We wanted to have all of our products that people have enjoyed this summer at Farmers Markets, available for sale, and that's not going to be possible.  During the past several days we didn't think we would be able to sell there at all.  We know this bread business is in God's hands, and He would do what is best for us and we just trusted Him. We prayed and He answered.  To confirm the plan, which was disappointing that we couldn't include all of our products, I received a phone call this morning from a lady asking when we would be selling the bread in the Mall, and she is ONLY interested in our breads.  Thank you, LORD!  The CD title is:  Hidden in My Heart, a lullaby journey through Scripture. We highly recommend it.  

September 25, 2018...…..Today was our final Brainerd Farmers Market, for this season.  It's been quite an experience as we have sold our products, met some wonderful people and developed friendships with other vendors.  So many people have inquired, even today, about how they can continue to purchase these products from us in the off-season.  I was happy to tell them we will be selling everything we have offered all summer in the Westgate Mall, beginning October 9th, Tues. from 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.   

      I have a bible reference on my bread labels, which is John 6:35.  I've prayed over every loaf of bread as I am making it, and part of that prayer is that people will be drawn to that reference, possibly looking it up in the bible and that it will speak to hearts.  Isaiah 55: 11 says "so shall My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it." 

    The Word.  It goes forth on Christian radio, in a song, when a pastor preaches it, in personal bible reading, and so many ways.  It softens a hard heart, it convicts of sin, brings comfort, blesses, encourages, and refreshes a weary soul.  

     I more than likely will never know if the Word has touched anyone's life as a result of seeing a bible reference on a bread label, but that is what I continue to pray for.

September 7, 2018...…….

   Another answer to prayer.  Two weeks ago a friend ordered some bread products from me.  I hadn't seen her since she got the order so I wasn't sure how they liked them.  Wed. this week I saw her and she told me how much she and her husband enjoyed everything and she placed another order.  She said she had some dental work done that week and there was very little she could eat.  She said the bread was a life-saver and it was so easy to eat and was so satisfying and filling. I told her I pray over every loaf of bread. I pray for the person who will buy it and any physical needs they may have that the wonderful nutrients in it will be a blessing to them.  We were both very aware in her case,  God absolutely answered that prayer.  Now I am including "prayer" in the list of ingredients on the labels.   

September 5, 2018...…..

 There seems to be no end to the things God is teaching me in this "bread" business.  I need to trust Him more and don't forget He is in control of the outcome of the events of the day. Yesterday was another rainy day for the Farmers Market. We got soaking wet just setting up our booth, and it continued through most of the morning. The afternoon Market in downtown Brainerd was cancelled.  So sales were down a lot yesterday.  We took our leftover breads, which consisted of caramel rolls and cranberry-walnut bread, and there was a lot of it, to the Women's Shelter. They were thrilled to get it and a young women was there to watch us checking it in. She was practically drooling over it, and she said she was so hungry for it. I noticed she was pregnant and I knew the nutrients in this bread would benefit her child in her womb. When I am baking on Mondays I pray over every loaf of bread, asking God to  bless the recipient of all the wonderful nutrients that are in it. There are 27 vitamins and minerals in every kernel of wheat, which goes directly from my mill into the flour and into the dough within minutes, so every loaf of bread contains all of them.  So yesterday most of the recipients were not paying customers, but I know those who received it were blessed.  John 6:35 is a scripture on the label of my bread and my prayer is that people will be lead to look that up in the Bible, and that God would touch their lives through it.  

August 22, 2018...….Psalm 103:1, 2 says...…."Bless the LORD, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits".  The LORD convicted me last night of grumbling and a negative attitude after our Farmers Market sales yesterday or lack there of.  It poured rain for over an hour in the morning, and as we have seen over the past weeks, people aren't inclined to shop outside in the rain.  So we lacked the crowd we have seen on the bright, sunny days.  We went to the Market in downtown Brainerd in the afternoon, and things weren't much better there, even though the weather cleared up.  When we got home last night and checked our sales for the day, we were rather disappointed.  We took the leftover product to a youth center and they were pleased to have it.  The looks on their faces when they carried it in was worth a lot and we were glad we did that.  It wasn't until I went to bed that the LORD spoke to my heart, and reminded me of many positive experiences that happened throughout the day.  One after the other!  So many positive comments about our breads and products.  Then there was the comment from the diabetic lady who bought 2 loaves of cranberry-walnut bread, who said this bread doesn't give her a blood sugar surge.  I've known that for years, being a diabetic myself. it metabolizes much slower than other non-whole grain breads, or white bread. Isn't it true that it is so much easier to focus sometimes on the negative things of the day, than the positive. Yes, it is!   

August 15, 2018......We are amazed how God just keeps on blessing and blessing us as we sell our bread. So many repeat customers each week buying more bread.  The new flavor of the day was Herb Cheese Bread, and was it ever a hit.  We gave out samples of it and it sold out, but we kept on giving samples.  People were amazed with the flavor and asked if we would have more of it next week.  Absolutely, we will. It is a perfect bread for any pasta meal.  I think how God opened doors for this to happen. He definitely was "directing our paths" as Proverbs 3-5,6 states.  My cooking job at Edgewood Vista for 11 years came to an end Feb. 2017, as it was getting more difficult for me.  I have friends who do food demos at Costco and every time we were in there shopping they encouraged me to apply, so both my husband and I did and were hired. We have enjoyed talking to people as we promote the product of the day.  One day a young man came to my station who has a bakery in Little Falls. We were able to talk for at least 15 mnutes without anyone coming and interrupting. I told him about my special bread that I make and sell to a few people. He told me I had to market it, and suggested starting with the Farmers Markets in the area.  We did all the necessary requirements to get the Cottage Industry license and it's been an adventure since May when we started.  I know without a doubt that God brought that young man into my path that day. It has been exciting to see people, who haven't eaten bread for a year, eat this bread, that is non-gmo and chemical free, without any problems.  

August 1, 2018...…..I love the way the LORD works in this bread business of ours. Every week we meet new people and introduce them to our healthy breads and we also see so many return customers. That is exciting!  Yesterday a lady walked into our booth and bought 2 loaves of the cranberry-walnut bread. Usually people try a sample and they love it, and will buy it.  She hadn't ever tried a sample of it, she said she didn't need to. She bought it as a result of a lady she saw in the parking lot, who was carrying a loaf of it and she told her she must get this bread, it is wonderful. So on the basis of that woman's testimony, a total stranger, she purchased 2 loaves.  That is amazing!  It made me think about what it would be like if we shared our testimony of what God means to us, what kind of impact would it have on people.  So many times we are too timid to say anything.  


July 21, 2018

Psalm 34: 8 says...…"O taste and see that the LORD is good.  How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him."  At the Farm Markets we have samples of the whole wheat cranberry walnut bread for people to try. Oh, how I love to watch their reaction and most people immediately purchase a loaf.  They need an invitation though, to try the sample that Skee has prepared for them, cut precisely with a piece of walnut and cranberry in each bite.  They need to TASTE it and experience it.  So it is with our relationship with the LORD.  There are many places in scriptures where there is reference to "tasting" God.  You will never know His goodness unless you take that first "bite" and experience Him for yourself.   Think about it...…………...

July 12, 2018...........

  Another busy week for us!  Two Farmers Markets are a lot of work and product is selling well.  We see so many repeat customers and new ones who discover our wonderful, healthy products. When I tell people there is NO white flour or sugar in any of our products, even including our wheat cookies, they are amazed and happy to find these.  I  prayed over my bread on Mon. as I was baking. I prayed for every loaf and for every person who would buy it and the physical needs they might have. I also prayed for them to be drawn to find the bible verse, John 6:35,  that is on the label and that it would speak to their hearts.  This is NOT about just selling bread, as healthy as it is for their bodies, it's about being led to the One Who brings health to their souls.  Click here to edit text

July 7, 2018...……


I would say that there has been a lots of time that has passed since I last wrote on this page, over 5 years.  That can't be, can it?  Boy, 5 years older, 5 more years married to my husband, Skee.  We will be celebrating 7 years in September.  God has been so good to us and blessed us in so many ways. Every day we are very aware of His mercy and love, how He is working in our lives and directing our steps, many times behind the scenes and unaware to us.  It is a very busy summer with the Farmers Markets where we sell my wonderful bread products, my painting classes I teach, and both of us working at Costco as food demonstrators. It's hard to keep up with it all sometimes.  We are thankful that God gives us the energy for all the tasks.  He helps me finish up baking on Monday evening after making 30-some loaves of bread plus other goodies for the Farmers Markets on Tues.  

     Isaiah 40:31 says...."Those who wait for the LORD will gain their strength;  they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary."    

 February 9, 2013


I enjoy praise/worship music so much. I always have it on when I am painting and especially it is an important part of mural painting.  It sets the mood, so to speak.  This song is one of my favorites and i'd like to share the lyrics with you this morning:


                                                     YOU ARE GOD ALONE


                                     You are not a god created by human hands,

                                   You are not a god dependent on any mortal man

                                    You are not a god in need of anything we can give

                                   By Your plan,that's just the way it is


                               You are God alone from before time began

                              You were on Your throne You were God alone

                               And right now in the good times and bad

                              You are on Your throne, You are God alone

                              You're unchangeable, You're unshakeable

                               You're unstoppable, That's what You are,

                              Your unchangeable, You;re unshakeable

                             You're unstoppable, That's what You are


                  You're the only God whose power none can contend

                  You're the only God whose name and praise will never end

                 You're the only Gd who's worthy of everything we can give

                      You are God, that's just tthe way it is  






February 6, 2013


Have you ever tried to do the right thing only to have it turn out all wrong?  God can use the unexpected trials to bring unexpectd blessings,if you are ready for them. 



February 1, 2013


The God Who specializes in controlling the storms is fully adequate to handle any storm of doubt or confusion in your life today.





January 10, 2013


A song in the heart puts a smile on the face. Did you know you can't hum a tune and frown at the same time.  Well, i can't.




January 8, 2013


I enjoyed another sunrise this morning, but nothing as spectacular as yesterdays.  It's like a special blessing for me, kind of like a touch from God to jump start my day.  I wonder  how many people are not even aware of a sunrise, especially all those who drive past our house in the morning on their way to work, or wherever.  I want to yell out at them to take a look and enjoy.  They might be totally focused on their work facing them or the cares of the day.  Or...another concept, how many people do see the a sunrise or sunset and say "that's nice, such pretty colors" but never give credit where credit is due, to the Maker of the universe.  Hmm, think about that.  




January 7, 2013....

  Psalm 65:8  "Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets, you inspire shouts of joy".

"Shouts of joy" was what I was feeling this morning when I opened the blinds in the living room and my eyes caught to the east the most beautiful sunrise.  My first exclamation was "OH MY!  then "WOW"! and then "AWESOME!".  It only lasted 20 minutes, but it was 20 minutes of breath taking beauty. I've always enjoyed sunrises but mostly sunsets.  As a child I used to sit on a stump near our driveway and enjoy sunsets .  When we lived on Lake Bertha and had westerly views of gorgeous sunsets, many times I would ask out loud to God "how DO You do that".  As an artist, I make a feeble attempt to capture such beauty but it is nothing compared to what our Creator God can do. 



January 4, 2013.... 

Where are you experiencing the molding force of pressure today, and how are you reacting to it?  Are you looking for the nearest exit, or are you asking God to shape you into a vessel for greater service? 


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December 24 - A Simple Apple


We have no idea sometimes how the most simple things can impact an individual.  My husband and I had the opportunity to play a game with  some  of the residents at Edgewood Vista on Christmas Eve.  We all had a great time and when we passed out treats to every one, each person got a beautiful, big, red delicious apple plus some other treats.  Oh my goodness, were they ever thrilled to receive the apple.  Some hadn't  had a delicious apple in years, and one person said she was just going tio polish it and look at it.  We were amazed at their reactions to receiving the apples. We realized how often the most simple things in life can bring so much pleasure and enjoyment to someone, whether it is something tangable in their hands, or a smile, a pat on the back, or hug. We all need to make a point of looking for ways to bring a little "sunshine" into someones life.