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Northwoods Creations

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Watercolors by Lois Caughlan

Lois' 100% Whole Wheat Breads

You may be confused by what you are seeing on this web page.  This is a combination of my art work as well as my bread business.   

This is a site that includes my original watercolor paintings,  prints of my artwork, murals and some handpainted glassware items., You may also see some art work by my husband, Julius/"Skee". I have always enjoyed art, drawing and painting since I was a young child. I received my first set of oil paints for Christmas when I was in Jr. High and that began an exciting adventure in the world of art. Basically I am a self taught artist, but I have benefited from instruction from other professional artists. For many years oil paints was the medium of choice, but in 1989 I discovered watercolors and that has been my primary medium since then. The wonderful reactions of watercolors on paper is very exciting and I love the many "accidents" that transpire as a work of art is created.

           I grew up in Iowa and as many Iowans do, my family vacationed every year in northern Minnesota. A love affair began with the beauty of the lakes and northwoods, especially birch trees. At that point in time I never dreamed I would be fortunate to be living here someday.Along the path of my life, the twists and turns led me to own and operate a resort,  Birchdale Villas, near Pequot Lakes, Mn. I did very little painting during those years. There was no time in the summer and it seemed my creative juices had dried up and so did my oil paints. It wasn't until 1989 when I discovered watercolors and I began painting again. Our son, John, started college in 1990 and I painted full time to help pay for his education. I was actively involved in a local art club at that time and we had an annual art show where I could sell my paintings.  I also began teaching watercolor painting classes.

          The path of my life took a drastic turn that left me alone after 34 years of marriage. I needed a steady income and art was not enough. My full time cooking job at an assisted living facility didn't allow for involvment in art clubs and shows. I moved to Brainerd and began a new life on my own. My life was busy with working full time and also teaching watercolor classes with the residents at two assisted living facilities. I continue those classes on a monthly basis and also teach a private evening class with several ladies who were in a Community Ed class I taught a few years ago. It's exciting to see students becoming enthused about painting and want to continue .   

          You never know what will be around the next bend on this path of life. Love can happen when you least expect it. In October 2010 I met Julius "Skee" Mass at Lakewood Church in Baxter and a love between us began to blossom . We both know without a doubt God had a hand in this "matchmaking". We were married in September 2011 at a simple outdoor service in our yard with our children.    

God has directed the events in my life to bring me to the place I'm at today. I must say, it's been quite a journey.  I give Him all the glory for my ability to create my works of art.   

I invite you to browse through Northwoods Creations.  You might find something you would like to purchase for your home or cabin.  If so, you can contact me via my email.  Feel free to contact me with your comments and  feed back regarding this site . 


                                                                                                                          Lois Caughlan-Mass

                                                                                                                          December 2012


                             September 2012 at Grand Portage,Mn                                                                  At our "summer home"